What are Challenge and Custom Coins?

If you come from a family with a lot of military background, i.e. your grandpa was a decorated soldier in the Vietnam War or your dad is currently serving as a high ranking military official or your uncles are all working with the military etc., then you’ve probably come across what is known as a challenge coin. Challenge coins are not the kind of coins that you use to pay for the things that you buy. They are used to recognize exceptional acts of individual military recruit, to signify membership to a particular group within the military and to enhance camaraderie and friendship among military personnel.

Custom CoinsA challenge coin is usually 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and is sometimes slightly thicker and heavier than a dollar. It is normally made from a combination of copper, nickel and pewter and can be customized according to the design that you desire. Some custom coins are even gold plated to make it even more special and unique. Normally these coins follow a round shape while others are sometimes shaped according to the insignia of the organization. Some coins are shaped like a shield, a square, a rectangle and even a flower.

Challenge or custom coins are said to have originated in the military though nobody from the military has actually confirmed that it did start there. Some say that it started with the Romans as part of their reward system. When Roman soldiers came home after winning a battle, they are given their usual paycheck along with a different set of bonus coins for a job well done.

These bonus coins are said to be quite substantial.

Challenge coins were also said to help different military groups identify and determine if people are spies or allies. One story goes where a soldier was captured by the enemy and was stripped off all of his belongings except for his challenge coin which he wore in a pouch around his neck. He was able to later on escape from the enemy but he encountered other soldiers who thought he was a spy because he had no identification whatsoever and had come from the enemy camp. He was set to be executed when one of the soldiers recognized the insignia on his challenge coin to be a symbol of one of their allies. His execution was postponed until someone came down from their allies’ camp and was able to identify him. He was freed soon after all because of his challenge coin.

The military exchanged challenge or custom coins with other members of the military as a sign of goodwill. Back in the day, when meeting each other for the first time, high ranking military officials would carry their team’s challenge coin and exchange it with the other leaders that they are meeting with. This signifies that they are happy to have met each other and to be working together.

In the old days these challenge or custom coins were given exclusively to military personnel as it usually bears an engraving of the organization’s emblem or insignia that the soldier belonged to. Nowadays many private organizations also give out a custom coin to its employees and customers.

At www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com we make custom and challenge coins for any organization whether military or not. We also make custom coins for any occasion or celebration. Our beautiful custom and challenge coins that would delight any custom coin collector. Every coin that we produce is made with high quality materials that ensure that the metal won’t bend or the paints used will fade. Our talented team of coin makers can make coins of any shape and size. No matter how intricate or complicated the design is, we make sure that the coins that we produce match the design that you have provided from font to color. We also offer our design services if you don’t have a coin design in mind. Check our website and find out more about our services.

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Learning the Creative Uses of Patches from Patches4less.com

Patches come in a plethora of designs. Some designs are tailor-made and exclusive. Some examples include logo-bearing patches requested by schools, companies, and non-profit organizations and clubs. There are also customized patches for personal use such as those that feature names, image, artwork and other symbolism’s that have meaning to the user. The Patchesrest of the designs are pretty much generic. Premade and ready-to-attach patch designs include characters, brand logo imitations, famous slogans and so on. Here, at patches4less.com, you can shop from our predetermined designs or submit your own ideas. We also have a team of representatives that can guide you in your design-making process.

You can be creative as much as you want with your patch design. Aside from your patch design, you can also explore different ways to use your patches. Below are some creative uses for your patches.

Fashion Accessory

Many shop in patches4less.com looking for patches they can attach to garments for aesthetics. The garments, with their patches and all, are fashion pieces in themselves. Nevertheless, patches also work as fashion accessories without attaching them to your clothes.

To do such, a patch must be sewn into a fabric. If you want to make it look thick, you just need to stuff cotton in it. Stitch a metal ring on the patch (thread or lace will do just fine). Be careful, though, to avoid glaring damage on the embroidery of your patch. Once done, you can attach it on your earrings or necklaces.
You can also transform your patch into a chic bracelet or anklet. You won’t need metal ring for this one.

Bags and Purses

If you are into DIY bag-making and purse-making, patches can help you add personality to your creations. You can make use of old jeans, shirts, uniforms, or any form of clothing for that matter. You can attach a patch by stitching. Iron on patches are affixed by glue and ironing. For patches with button loops, just stitch a button on your bags or purses.

Some girls love their bags to be colorful. Aside from ordering patches that make use of various thread colors, you can also stitch beads on the bags. If you have the skills, you can also add some embroidered design by yourself.

Patch-bearing bags are not just for girls and DIY-lovers. Fans of sports teams, bands and celebrities also affix patches on their bags to show support and/or adoration.

Lampshades and Pendant Light Covers

Nobody said that patches are just for fashion pieces. They also work as home decors, particularly decors for your home lighting equipment.

For lampshades, take out the frame and measure it. Next, measure the fabric, which you intend to use as cover for the frame. Cut the fabric accordingly. Next, position your patch (or patches if you want more) on the fabric before stitching. Once you determine the position, secure your patch by stitching.

Pendant light covers will give you more room for creativity. There are plenty of frames you can make or recycle by yourself. Your light cover frame can be spherical or angular. To put emphasis on your patch-bearing light cover in a room setting, install a low-lying pendant light.

Gadget Accessory

Make the most out of the patches you can buy here at patches4less.com by adding them in your gadget cases. We offer patches with tape backing. With these types, you don’t have to sew and damage your gadget cases in the process. You just need to remove the tape cover of the patch and paste it on your gadget case.
You can stitch patches for your laptop cases as well. Oftentimes, the laptop cases given by manufacturers only come in one color and it is either black or gray. Adding an embroidered patch will liven up the aesthetics of your dull-looking laptop case.

Gift Wrapper

When you buy a gift for someone, you think about his or her preferences and personality, don’t you? Level up your thoughtfulness by personalizing the wrapper for your gift. Instead of the paper-made gift wrappers, try using fabric. You can wrap your gifts just like the way Japanese and Koreans wrap their lunchboxes.


Patches have been used in events for a long time. Take old school rock concerts as an example. Before, die-hard concert-goers fought for patches that carried their favorite bands’ logos. They stitched the patches on their shirts, jackets, and bags and wore them on concerts.

Do you have an impending event? Let patches4less.com help you with souvenirs. You can order in bulk. It is even advantageous because the more patches you order, the lesser the price for each patch.

Callaway Golf As A Premier Golf Equipment Brand

Known for being a premier producer of golf equipment and accessories in the US, Callaway golf, a global sporting merchandise company, which was established in 1982; truly has made its niche and lion’s share being one of the trusted significant suppliers of golf gears, golf accessories, and golf lifestyle-related products in more than 70 nations around the world.

Golf clubsBeing a recipient of a Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the San Diego Better Business Bureau (BBB), rest assured that Callaway golf has already been promoting, and continuously is promoting and fostering, a high ethical relationship among businesses and the people, in general; through willful self-regulation, consumer and business training and education, and service excellence. It is not their duty to just promote the significance of ethical business practices, but also they made it their objective to invigorate and stimulate their willingness and effort to ensure that the company stays progressed, yet is reasonable and decent. They made it their central goal to make golf more pleasant and enjoyable for individuals who love to play it, be it an average one or a pro.

Following Are The Most Important Uses Of  Golf Equipment:

For most golfers, the problem with using some other golf equipment is that it limits what they can do. There are those golfers who are left with no choice but to give up their control or distance, or feel, or durability, due to the cons of the golf item or gear they were using. Be that as it may, this would never again be an issue because of the assistance of Callaway golf, outlined particularly to enhance the unique collaboration of distance, control, spin, feel and durability of the golfer, disposing of the perplexity and mystery in attempting to recognize the golf ball that is a good fit for every individual golfer.

Golf EquipmentThe development of new technologies has helped them create and establish their own one of a kind items, including Big Bertha, their top of the line piece sold to golfers, which up to this point is bringing about a genuine upheaval that keeps on positively affecting the game of golf. They were able to revolutionize and innovate the golf equipment industry by making use of the noteworthy mechanical developments today; to be specific, investment casting, making metal club heads and empowered designers to shift the heaviness of the club around with more prominent accuracy than ever.

As consumers, of course, we would like to settle for the best, including our choice of what products we are going to use. We want to use things that would make us feel at ease, and is proven to be a quality, high-end product, yet an affordable one. We, at Rock bottom golf, understand this, which is why we sell and deliver one of the best quality golf brands there is, so to speak, we made Callaway golf more accessible for you. Since we’re among the top golfing equipment retailers globally, we’re eager to offer you only the best products. As we always say, it is our core philosophy to provide people like you with superb deals on the very best clubs and apparel.

GolfYes, as a business company, inevitably, it is our aim to earn profit. But we are not a mere business company, we, like you, are purchasers too. We know how hard it is to want something, to want to settle for something great, but just is not luckily provided with the means to do and pursue so. That is the reason why we made the items we offer less expensive when contrasted with other retail companies. We considered your purchasing capacity more than our want to earn more money. With us, you can avail the largest coupon discount deals of golf clubs and golf equipment with the lowest prices, helping you be able to save some serious cash. Furthermore, we also offer free shipping over a minimum worth of purchases.

If you’re a newbie and you’re having trouble deciding which golfing equipment you should buy, don’t hesitate to visit our website (well, you could also leave us a message – such as through email). As we’ve said, we aren’t just in it for the money. We exist to be of service. Whether you end up buying from us or not, we’d be more than willing to help you make the right choice – we wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste after all.

All in all, if you are looking forward to buy anything from the Callaway golf brand, then Rock Bottom Golf is the right place for you.

Callaway offers an accumulation of Callaway golf balls that suit the hitting the fairway abilities and spending plan of easygoing and expert golfers alike.

ID Lanyards in 650 Words

Lanyard—the name itself suggests something pretty fancy. Could it be some sort of gourmet dessert? Or could it be a European town tucked away in the mountains of France? Well, no. We actually see lanyards more often than we think, maybe even on a day to day basis, but we just never seem to know what they’re called.

Ever wondered what those thick, designed ID straps are called? You’ve probably made an intelligent guess by now and you’re absolutely right—lanyards. We’ve somehow guessed something right though, however small the relation may be. Lanyards do have some French origin; they’ve been used as a thong or strap apparatus since the 15th century, although they weren’t exactly called lanyards but were rather called Lanier’s. Close enough?

Lanyards have many uses; aside from being your ID’s best friend, they’re often used for both military and nautical purposes as well.

Those ropes that pirates use to fire cannons from ships? They’re lanyards! Lanyards are pretty handy; they prevent important things like IDs and keys from being lost. They’re actually a great help for klutzes everywhere; gone are the days where losing your IDs marked the start of an unlucky day.

ID lanyardsInterested in shopping for some ID lanyards? We’re just what you’re looking for. We offer the best lanyards at the best prices and with the most options! Fed up with the usual plain lanyard? We have lanyards in different materials like nylon and polyester. They’re durable and lightweight; you can never go wrong with a good and high quality lanyard that comes at an extremely affordable price.

You might be wondering why these lanyards are must-haves and why you should even have them in the first place. Well, we have all the answers to your lanyard doubts. First off, these lanyards are not only great for keeping your IDs safe; they’re great for advertising too. Wearing an ID lanyard with your company’s name on your neck screams promotion and great advertising, and they’re also great fashion statements. ID lanyards support a purpose; you can literally use it to advertise anything—whether it’s for breast cancer awareness or accessory purposes, you name it.

These lanyards can also be used to express; they come in all sorts of colors and designs. They always say colors are a means of self-expression. With us, you can go crazy with mixing and matching designs and colors until you find the perfect ID lanyard that suits your personality; we won’t judge. You’d think these lanyards were made for IDs alone, but guess again. ID lanyards are multipurpose; they can also be used to hold small gadgets like USBs and lightweight cameras. That’s pretty awesome for something you see almost every day, right?

We offer printing services to customize your lanyards and turn them into everything you imagined and hoped for. Because we love all our customers, we are always more than willing to give our all when doing what we love—building and customizing your lanyards. We love giving you the best customer experience possible and we love helping you create your ideal lanyard at the lowest price.

Lanyards are our first love; we aim to spread our love for lanyards to all our customers by being the best. Modern times call for fast-paced living, and we understand that completely. We value time as much as you do; time definitely is gold, and we won’t waste yours. No need to wait months before your package arrives, we’ll have it over before you even know it. We make sure to deliver our high quality ID lanyards at the shortest time possible; we love you so much that we hate making you wait.

So if you’re looking for the best ID lanyards at prices that won’t burn holes into your wallet, we’re always at your service. Go for a brand that’s tried, tested and trusted. In other words, give us a try!

Tapping into Confusion with the Help of a Motivational Speaker

They say that every marathon runner has what they call a “wall”, which kind of stops them from moving forward. It is a literal physical limit that stops them from pushing all the way through to the finish line. In any sort of activity fuelled by passion—business, creative work, or otherwise—there will also be that “wall” that stops us from using our full potential. For most people, quitting is the easier option. Instead of breaking through that wall, it is much easier to just lie down and give up. But the truth is: nobody in the history of the world has ever achieved excellence lying down.

speakerHowever, it cannot be denied that even the most adamant person or group will face the challenge of being stuck in a doldrums, or a state of stagnation, the feeling that there is nowhere else to go. It is very tempting to lose hope at this stage, because since nobody can assure that the future will provide us with the possibilities we desire, there is nothing else to do but wait and see. And, it is often during that waiting period that people feel like they do not know what is going on, or they feel like they don’t know what to do. For example, a new business might hit this wall early on, despite having planned all the way through. Things can go wrong all the time, and often, the real world does not match up with what they have planned. This business might have expected a greater return of investment, but instead get close to nothing. This is their wall. This is where a motivational speaker comes in handy.

They are the people who stand on that wall. They see the big picture because they see behind and beyond the wall. Now, there is never any guarantee that the wall can be broken. But what the motivational speaker can guarantee is to provide information about what is beyond, and show us the myriad possibilities that will welcome us into the land of promise. They provide those in need with a bird’s eye view of the situation. It is up to us to use this information.

Some things, because they are hard to understand, can be intimidating. In fact, a lot of things can be too intimidating that people would rather steer clear of them. Like a plant with foul odor, confusing information repels anyone who dares to come near. And, because people generally move away from this, they miss out on the opportunity to learn or develop our skills. A good motivational speaker presents that information in a light and easy way, so that instead of running away from that foul-smelling plant, it becomes approachable. Simply put, a good motivational speaker presents the facts straight and without any sugar-coating, in a way that is easy to understand and not intimidating. This way, many more opportunities present themselves when a wall has been hit.

In the history of mankind, there hasn’t been a time when a person was able to achieve greatness by themselves.

Business, creative work, sales, human resources, medicine—almost everything is a collaborative effort. Even if an individual has great ideas, they would have needed to galvanize an entire community to join them in their crusade. People need people, and there is no shame in admitting that people will need to use other people to achieve greatness. In this collective effort to help each other, the group achieves greatness. It is a united crusade into the bright unknown, a place that would have frightened those who were more willing to give up. The motivational speaker will not lead the way, but he will show the way. All treasure-hunters need a map, and he will provide that map.
The world is a confusing place. Not because everything is too random but because things don’t often go the way people plan them to. People waste a lot of valuable time waiting for good opportunities when in fact, all the good opportunities are waiting out there and they are all around. All that is needed is the willingness to understand what is going on, to be aware of everything that is happening. The truth is that this confusion can be harnessed, and from it, it is possible to create something great through it. But in order to do that, information is needed, and the best person kind of person to approach is someone who has a glimpse of the whole thing.

Author Bio:
Influence expert Garrison Wynn is a motivational speaker known for his entertaining, customized and research driven programs. He provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop dead funny, motivational and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently.

Pins as Hobby or Collection

Are you a collector who ran out of something to collect? Do you find your current collection to be dull and boring? Is your collection too expensive that it makes you want to look for something that won’t break the bank? Maybe you’re someone who lost interest on your hobby and find yourself doing nothing after work or school. If you’re still a student, you might want to focus on your studies first, but you should never forget to find some spare time and have fun. As for the working people, having something fun to do after a stressful day at work is a must.

As a collector, one should consider his or her collection to be budget friendly and will still give you satisfaction for every purchase. Your collection should be something that you can touch and feel unlike digital media.

You might want to try trading pins.  What’s so special with this?

Well, you can have them customized as to how you want them to look like and choose what size you want. The best thing is that there are no restrictions and limits when it comes to collecting pins. Different kind of lapel pins may vary from different sports teams, brands, and fictional characters to something that represents your culture, state or country perhaps. You can use it as an accessory for your outfit. When you just want to wear your comfy plain white shirt and jeans, you can use your pins to add accent to your get up.
Trading pins

It’s called trading pins for a reason and here’s where the excitement comes; you can actually trade your pins with other collector as well. There are many collectors out there ranging from a kid looking for a Disney character to an adult who likes to collect rare vintage pins.

The trading part is where this hobby is fun and budget friendly. If you want a new pin and want to get rid of your old ones, just offer a trade to others. Take note, you have to make sure your pins are in good shape or other collectors might refuse your offer. So take good care of your collection or you’ll lose its precious value.

You might always want to have that New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox pin but too bad you were not able to have at least one. With trading pins, you might know someone who wants to trade their pin. After all, that person might want another pin that you already have and if you’re lucky enough, you may have one pin that you dislike the most but is sought by others. Instantly, you got rid of your old pin and got a new one.

Isn’t it great?

So you might want to add some pins that you find to be least interesting because someone out there might be looking for it. Think of it as a strategy to build your collection. Always look to have variety.

You should also want to make sure that your trading pins are legit. Most experienced collectors can recognize what is of high or low quality.

Not bad for a hobby isn’t it?

So why not give it a try? Think of pins that best represent your personality, mood and interest. Another good thing with this is that you will be able to explore different things, meet new people with the same interests as yours and make friends with other collectors as well. It’s never too late to try something new right? You won’t need to spend a lot of bucks for this. Go and have fun collecting and trading!