Pins as Hobby or Collection

Are you a collector who ran out of something to collect? Do you find your current collection to be dull and boring? Is your collection too expensive that it makes you want to look for something that won’t break the bank? Maybe you’re someone who lost interest on your hobby and find yourself doing nothing after work or school. If you’re still a student, you might want to focus on your studies first, but you should never forget to find some spare time and have fun. As for the working people, having something fun to do after a stressful day at work is a must.

As a collector, one should consider his or her collection to be budget friendly and will still give you satisfaction for every purchase. Your collection should be something that you can touch and feel unlike digital media.

You might want to try trading pins.  What’s so special with this?

Well, you can have them customized as to how you want them to look like and choose what size you want. The best thing is that there are no restrictions and limits when it comes to collecting pins. Different kind of lapel pins may vary from different sports teams, brands, and fictional characters to something that represents your culture, state or country perhaps. You can use it as an accessory for your outfit. When you just want to wear your comfy plain white shirt and jeans, you can use your pins to add accent to your get up.
Trading pins

It’s called trading pins for a reason and here’s where the excitement comes; you can actually trade your pins with other collector as well. There are many collectors out there ranging from a kid looking for a Disney character to an adult who likes to collect rare vintage pins.

The trading part is where this hobby is fun and budget friendly. If you want a new pin and want to get rid of your old ones, just offer a trade to others. Take note, you have to make sure your pins are in good shape or other collectors might refuse your offer. So take good care of your collection or you’ll lose its precious value.

You might always want to have that New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox pin but too bad you were not able to have at least one. With trading pins, you might know someone who wants to trade their pin. After all, that person might want another pin that you already have and if you’re lucky enough, you may have one pin that you dislike the most but is sought by others. Instantly, you got rid of your old pin and got a new one.

Isn’t it great?

So you might want to add some pins that you find to be least interesting because someone out there might be looking for it. Think of it as a strategy to build your collection. Always look to have variety.

You should also want to make sure that your trading pins are legit. Most experienced collectors can recognize what is of high or low quality.

Not bad for a hobby isn’t it?

So why not give it a try? Think of pins that best represent your personality, mood and interest. Another good thing with this is that you will be able to explore different things, meet new people with the same interests as yours and make friends with other collectors as well. It’s never too late to try something new right? You won’t need to spend a lot of bucks for this. Go and have fun collecting and trading!