ID Lanyards in 650 Words

Lanyard—the name itself suggests something pretty fancy. Could it be some sort of gourmet dessert? Or could it be a European town tucked away in the mountains of France? Well, no. We actually see lanyards more often than we think, maybe even on a day to day basis, but we just never seem to know what they’re called.

Ever wondered what those thick, designed ID straps are called? You’ve probably made an intelligent guess by now and you’re absolutely right—lanyards. We’ve somehow guessed something right though, however small the relation may be. Lanyards do have some French origin; they’ve been used as a thong or strap apparatus since the 15th century, although they weren’t exactly called lanyards but were rather called Lanier’s. Close enough?

Lanyards have many uses; aside from being your ID’s best friend, they’re often used for both military and nautical purposes as well.

Those ropes that pirates use to fire cannons from ships? They’re lanyards! Lanyards are pretty handy; they prevent important things like IDs and keys from being lost. They’re actually a great help for klutzes everywhere; gone are the days where losing your IDs marked the start of an unlucky day.

ID lanyardsInterested in shopping for some ID lanyards? We’re just what you’re looking for. We offer the best lanyards at the best prices and with the most options! Fed up with the usual plain lanyard? We have lanyards in different materials like nylon and polyester. They’re durable and lightweight; you can never go wrong with a good and high quality lanyard that comes at an extremely affordable price.

You might be wondering why these lanyards are must-haves and why you should even have them in the first place. Well, we have all the answers to your lanyard doubts. First off, these lanyards are not only great for keeping your IDs safe; they’re great for advertising too. Wearing an ID lanyard with your company’s name on your neck screams promotion and great advertising, and they’re also great fashion statements. ID lanyards support a purpose; you can literally use it to advertise anything—whether it’s for breast cancer awareness or accessory purposes, you name it.

These lanyards can also be used to express; they come in all sorts of colors and designs. They always say colors are a means of self-expression. With us, you can go crazy with mixing and matching designs and colors until you find the perfect ID lanyard that suits your personality; we won’t judge. You’d think these lanyards were made for IDs alone, but guess again. ID lanyards are multipurpose; they can also be used to hold small gadgets like USBs and lightweight cameras. That’s pretty awesome for something you see almost every day, right?

We offer printing services to customize your lanyards and turn them into everything you imagined and hoped for. Because we love all our customers, we are always more than willing to give our all when doing what we love—building and customizing your lanyards. We love giving you the best customer experience possible and we love helping you create your ideal lanyard at the lowest price.

Lanyards are our first love; we aim to spread our love for lanyards to all our customers by being the best. Modern times call for fast-paced living, and we understand that completely. We value time as much as you do; time definitely is gold, and we won’t waste yours. No need to wait months before your package arrives, we’ll have it over before you even know it. We make sure to deliver our high quality ID lanyards at the shortest time possible; we love you so much that we hate making you wait.

So if you’re looking for the best ID lanyards at prices that won’t burn holes into your wallet, we’re always at your service. Go for a brand that’s tried, tested and trusted. In other words, give us a try!