Learning the Creative Uses of Patches from Patches4less.com

Patches come in a plethora of designs. Some designs are tailor-made and exclusive. Some examples include logo-bearing patches requested by schools, companies, and non-profit organizations and clubs. There are also customized patches for personal use such as those that feature names, image, artwork and other symbolism’s that have meaning to the user. The Patchesrest of the designs are pretty much generic. Premade and ready-to-attach patch designs include characters, brand logo imitations, famous slogans and so on. Here, at patches4less.com, you can shop from our predetermined designs or submit your own ideas. We also have a team of representatives that can guide you in your design-making process.

You can be creative as much as you want with your patch design. Aside from your patch design, you can also explore different ways to use your patches. Below are some creative uses for your patches.

Fashion Accessory

Many shop in patches4less.com looking for patches they can attach to garments for aesthetics. The garments, with their patches and all, are fashion pieces in themselves. Nevertheless, patches also work as fashion accessories without attaching them to your clothes.

To do such, a patch must be sewn into a fabric. If you want to make it look thick, you just need to stuff cotton in it. Stitch a metal ring on the patch (thread or lace will do just fine). Be careful, though, to avoid glaring damage on the embroidery of your patch. Once done, you can attach it on your earrings or necklaces.
You can also transform your patch into a chic bracelet or anklet. You won’t need metal ring for this one.

Bags and Purses

If you are into DIY bag-making and purse-making, patches can help you add personality to your creations. You can make use of old jeans, shirts, uniforms, or any form of clothing for that matter. You can attach a patch by stitching. Iron on patches are affixed by glue and ironing. For patches with button loops, just stitch a button on your bags or purses.

Some girls love their bags to be colorful. Aside from ordering patches that make use of various thread colors, you can also stitch beads on the bags. If you have the skills, you can also add some embroidered design by yourself.

Patch-bearing bags are not just for girls and DIY-lovers. Fans of sports teams, bands and celebrities also affix patches on their bags to show support and/or adoration.

Lampshades and Pendant Light Covers

Nobody said that patches are just for fashion pieces. They also work as home decors, particularly decors for your home lighting equipment.

For lampshades, take out the frame and measure it. Next, measure the fabric, which you intend to use as cover for the frame. Cut the fabric accordingly. Next, position your patch (or patches if you want more) on the fabric before stitching. Once you determine the position, secure your patch by stitching.

Pendant light covers will give you more room for creativity. There are plenty of frames you can make or recycle by yourself. Your light cover frame can be spherical or angular. To put emphasis on your patch-bearing light cover in a room setting, install a low-lying pendant light.

Gadget Accessory

Make the most out of the patches you can buy here at patches4less.com by adding them in your gadget cases. We offer patches with tape backing. With these types, you don’t have to sew and damage your gadget cases in the process. You just need to remove the tape cover of the patch and paste it on your gadget case.
You can stitch patches for your laptop cases as well. Oftentimes, the laptop cases given by manufacturers only come in one color and it is either black or gray. Adding an embroidered patch will liven up the aesthetics of your dull-looking laptop case.

Gift Wrapper

When you buy a gift for someone, you think about his or her preferences and personality, don’t you? Level up your thoughtfulness by personalizing the wrapper for your gift. Instead of the paper-made gift wrappers, try using fabric. You can wrap your gifts just like the way Japanese and Koreans wrap their lunchboxes.


Patches have been used in events for a long time. Take old school rock concerts as an example. Before, die-hard concert-goers fought for patches that carried their favorite bands’ logos. They stitched the patches on their shirts, jackets, and bags and wore them on concerts.

Do you have an impending event? Let patches4less.com help you with souvenirs. You can order in bulk. It is even advantageous because the more patches you order, the lesser the price for each patch.