Tapping into Confusion with the Help of a Motivational Speaker

They say that every marathon runner has what they call a “wall”, which kind of stops them from moving forward. It is a literal physical limit that stops them from pushing all the way through to the finish line. In any sort of activity fuelled by passion—business, creative work, or otherwise—there will also be that “wall” that stops us from using our full potential. For most people, quitting is the easier option. Instead of breaking through that wall, it is much easier to just lie down and give up. But the truth is: nobody in the history of the world has ever achieved excellence lying down.

speakerHowever, it cannot be denied that even the most adamant person or group will face the challenge of being stuck in a doldrums, or a state of stagnation, the feeling that there is nowhere else to go. It is very tempting to lose hope at this stage, because since nobody can assure that the future will provide us with the possibilities we desire, there is nothing else to do but wait and see. And, it is often during that waiting period that people feel like they do not know what is going on, or they feel like they don’t know what to do. For example, a new business might hit this wall early on, despite having planned all the way through. Things can go wrong all the time, and often, the real world does not match up with what they have planned. This business might have expected a greater return of investment, but instead get close to nothing. This is their wall. This is where a motivational speaker comes in handy.

They are the people who stand on that wall. They see the big picture because they see behind and beyond the wall. Now, there is never any guarantee that the wall can be broken. But what the motivational speaker can guarantee is to provide information about what is beyond, and show us the myriad possibilities that will welcome us into the land of promise. They provide those in need with a bird’s eye view of the situation. It is up to us to use this information.

Some things, because they are hard to understand, can be intimidating. In fact, a lot of things can be too intimidating that people would rather steer clear of them. Like a plant with foul odor, confusing information repels anyone who dares to come near. And, because people generally move away from this, they miss out on the opportunity to learn or develop our skills. A good motivational speaker presents that information in a light and easy way, so that instead of running away from that foul-smelling plant, it becomes approachable. Simply put, a good motivational speaker presents the facts straight and without any sugar-coating, in a way that is easy to understand and not intimidating. This way, many more opportunities present themselves when a wall has been hit.

In the history of mankind, there hasn’t been a time when a person was able to achieve greatness by themselves.

Business, creative work, sales, human resources, medicine—almost everything is a collaborative effort. Even if an individual has great ideas, they would have needed to galvanize an entire community to join them in their crusade. People need people, and there is no shame in admitting that people will need to use other people to achieve greatness. In this collective effort to help each other, the group achieves greatness. It is a united crusade into the bright unknown, a place that would have frightened those who were more willing to give up. The motivational speaker will not lead the way, but he will show the way. All treasure-hunters need a map, and he will provide that map.
The world is a confusing place. Not because everything is too random but because things don’t often go the way people plan them to. People waste a lot of valuable time waiting for good opportunities when in fact, all the good opportunities are waiting out there and they are all around. All that is needed is the willingness to understand what is going on, to be aware of everything that is happening. The truth is that this confusion can be harnessed, and from it, it is possible to create something great through it. But in order to do that, information is needed, and the best person kind of person to approach is someone who has a glimpse of the whole thing.

Author Bio:
Influence expert Garrison Wynn is a motivational speaker known for his entertaining, customized and research driven programs. He provides keynotes and break out sessions for corporate events and association meetings that are drop dead funny, motivational and full of proven research results on what the most successful do differently.