What are Challenge and Custom Coins?

If you come from a family with a lot of military background, i.e. your grandpa was a decorated soldier in the Vietnam War or your dad is currently serving as a high ranking military official or your uncles are all working with the military etc., then you’ve probably come across what is known as a challenge coin. Challenge coins are not the kind of coins that you use to pay for the things that you buy. They are used to recognize exceptional acts of individual military recruit, to signify membership to a particular group within the military and to enhance camaraderie and friendship among military personnel.

Custom CoinsA challenge coin is usually 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and is sometimes slightly thicker and heavier than a dollar. It is normally made from a combination of copper, nickel and pewter and can be customized according to the design that you desire. Some custom coins are even gold plated to make it even more special and unique. Normally these coins follow a round shape while others are sometimes shaped according to the insignia of the organization. Some coins are shaped like a shield, a square, a rectangle and even a flower.

Challenge or custom coins are said to have originated in the military though nobody from the military has actually confirmed that it did start there. Some say that it started with the Romans as part of their reward system. When Roman soldiers came home after winning a battle, they are given their usual paycheck along with a different set of bonus coins for a job well done.

These bonus coins are said to be quite substantial.

Challenge coins were also said to help different military groups identify and determine if people are spies or allies. One story goes where a soldier was captured by the enemy and was stripped off all of his belongings except for his challenge coin which he wore in a pouch around his neck. He was able to later on escape from the enemy but he encountered other soldiers who thought he was a spy because he had no identification whatsoever and had come from the enemy camp. He was set to be executed when one of the soldiers recognized the insignia on his challenge coin to be a symbol of one of their allies. His execution was postponed until someone came down from their allies’ camp and was able to identify him. He was freed soon after all because of his challenge coin.

The military exchanged challenge or custom coins with other members of the military as a sign of goodwill. Back in the day, when meeting each other for the first time, high ranking military officials would carry their team’s challenge coin and exchange it with the other leaders that they are meeting with. This signifies that they are happy to have met each other and to be working together.

In the old days these challenge or custom coins were given exclusively to military personnel as it usually bears an engraving of the organization’s emblem or insignia that the soldier belonged to. Nowadays many private organizations also give out a custom coin to its employees and customers.

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